Blooket Hacks and Blooket Cheats – How to Use Github Blooket Hacks

blooket hacks and blooket cheats

Global Blooket hacks include Automatic Answers and Sell Duplicate Blooks scripts.

Blooket Hacks – How to Use Github Blooket Hacks.

Blooket hacks and Blooket cheats: How to Use Github Blooket Hacks and Blooket cheats to win all Blooket games and collect all Blooks.

What are Blooket hacks?

Blooket hacks are modifications to the Blooket game platform that allow users to gain an unfair advantage. This can include things like giving users unlimited tokens, instant answers to questions, collecting all Blooks, or the ability to see other players’ answers.

For example, the Blooket hacks Glizzy username (TheRealGliz) on Github provides the following Blooket hack codes:

  • blook rush hack
  • cafe hack
  • crazy kingdom hack
  • crypto hack
  • deceptive dinos hack
  • fishing frenzy hack
  • global hack
  • gold hack
  • racing hack
  • tower defense hack
  • tower of doom hack

The user offers the following Blooket cheats:

Monster Brawl Hacks:

  • Double Enemy Xp
  • Half Enemy Speed
  • Instant Kill
  • Invincibility
  • Kill Enemies
  • Magnet
  • Max Current Abilities
  • Next Level
  • Remove Obstacles
  • Reset Health

Cafe Hacks::

  • Max Items
  • Remove Customers
  • Reset Abilities
  • Set Cash
  • Stock Food

Crypto Hack Hacks:

  • Always Triple
  • Auto Guess
  • Choice ESP
  • Password ESP
  • Remove Hack
  • Set Crypto
  • Set Password
  • Steal Players Crypto

Deceptive Dinos Hacks:

  • Auto Choose
  • Rock ESP
  • Set Fossils
  • Set Multiplier
  • Stop Cheating

Tower of Doom Hacks:

  • Fill Deck
  • Max Cards
  • Max Health
  • Max Stats
  • Min Enemy
  • Set Coins

Factory Hacks:

  • Choose Blook
  • Free Upgrades
  • Max Blooks
  • Remove Glitches
  • Send Glitch
  • Set All Mega Bot
  • Set Cash

Fishing Frenzy Hacks:

  • Frenzy
  • Remove Distraction
  • Send Distraction
  • Set Lure
  • Set Weight

Flappy Blook Hacks.

Global Blooket Hacks:

  • Global Blooket Cheats (Click a cheat to copy the script or drag into bookmarks bar).
  • Anti Flood Game
  • Auto Answer
  • Auto Sell Dupes On Open
  • Change Blook Ingame
  • Every Answer Correct
  • Flood Game
  • Get Daily Rewards
  • Highlight Answers
  • Remove Name Limit
  • Remove Random Name
  • Sell Cheap Duplicates
  • Sell Duplicate Blooks
  • Simulate Pack
  • Simulate Unlock
  • Spam Buy Blooks
  • Unlock Plus Gamemodes
  • Use Any Blook
  • Intervals

Gold Quest Hacks:

Always Triple
Auto Choose
Chest ESP
Reset All Gold
Reset Players Gold
Set Gold
Swap Gold

Crazy Kingdom Hacks:

Choice ESP
Choice ESP Loop
Disable Toucan
Max Stats
Set Guests
Skip Guest

Racing Hacks:

Instant Win

Royale Hacks:

Auto Answer

Blook Rush Hacks:

Set Blooks
Set Defense

Tower Defense Hacks:

Max Towers
Remove Ducks
Remove Enemies
Remove Obsticles
Set Dmg
Set Round
Set Tokens

Tower Defense 2 Hacks:

Max Towers
Remove Enemies
Set Coins
Set Health
Set Round

Santa’s Workshop Hacks:

Remove Distractions
Send Distraction
Set Toys
Set Toys Per Q
Swap Toys

blooket hacks and blooket cheats
Blobal Blooket hacks include Automatic Answers and Sell Duplicate Blooks  cheats.

How to use GitHub Blooket hacks?

There are a few different ways to use GitHub Blooket hacks. One way is to use a bookmarklet. A bookmarklet is a small piece of code that can be saved as a bookmark in your browser. When you click on the bookmarklet, it will run the code in your browser’s console.

To use a bookmarklet, you first need to find a GitHub Blooket hack that you want to use. Once you have found a hack, you can copy the code from the GitHub page. Then, open your browser’s bookmarks manager and create a new bookmark. In the URL field of the bookmark, paste the code from the GitHub page. In the name field, give the bookmark a name that you will remember, such as “Blooket Hack.”

Once you have created the bookmark, you can use it to hack Blooket. To do this, simply open the Blooket game that you want to hack and then click on the bookmarklet. The code will run in your browser’s console and the hack will be activated.

Blooket Hacks at Github – Step-by-Step Guide.

How to use Github Blooket hacks:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the Blooket hack code you are looking for, and copy it.
  3. Log in to your Blooket account at
  4. Open the internet browser console from inside the Blooket game room.
  5. Copy and paste the chosen Github code into the console and type “Javascript”
  6. Paste the code in the box, then press enter.
  7. In the next pop up, Click “Ok”. Your Blooket hack is now working for this Blooket game session.
blooket hacks github
Examples of some popular Github Blooket hacks by Glizzy. Click on a hack and copy the Javascript code.

Can using a Blooket Hack get me banned form Blooket?

Using Blooket hacks can have a number of consequences, including:

  • You may be banned from Blooket. Blooket has a policy against cheating and using hacks, and if you are caught using a hack, you may be banned from the platform.
  • You may not learn as much. If you use a hack to get easy answers or unlimited tokens, you may not learn as much from the Blooket games.
  • You may ruin the experience for other players. If you use a hack to win a Blooket game, you may ruin the experience for other players who are trying to play fair.

Is it illegal to cheat in Blooket?

It is not illegal to cheat in Blooket. However, it is against Blooket’s terms of service, and you may be banned from the platform if you are caught cheating.

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