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Blooket Join: How do I join Blooket game quickly and how do I apply a Blooket code? Find out the answers to these questions and much more.

You  need to join to play Blooket games with a Blooket Code, or Game ID (Also known as a ‘Blooket Pin’. This is how students and new players can join a Blooket game hosted by a teachers, or simply sign up for a Blooket account to play on your own. is an educational platform that allows students to play games and answer questions in a fun and engaging way. Similar to other popular online platforms like Kahoot!, Quizizz, and Gimkit, Blooket leverages gamification to make learning more interactive and enjoyable for students. In this article, we will cover three topics related to Blooket: what it is, what a Blook is, and whether or not the platform is free.

blooket join
Navigate to and enter your blooket code to join a game.

How do I Join a Blooket Game as a Student?

  1. To join a Blooket game as a student or random player with a code, you’ll need to have a Blooket Join code provided by your teacher.
  2. Once you have the Blooket Join code, go to the website and click on ‘Join a Game’ in the upper left corner, or go directly to,
  3. Enter the Blooket code (Bloket Game ID or Blooket Pin) in the Game ID field and click on the “Join Game”arrow to join the Blooket game.
  4. You’ll then be prompted to enter your name and choose an avatar. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to the game lobby and can start playing.

Blooket Join Codes.

To read more about Blooket codes, as well as a list of the latest free working active codes, please see our Blooket Join Code page.

Here are some examples of Blooket codes, completely free of charge. This is the list of working, active Blooket codes for August 2023. These are the active Blooket codes for that month:

  • 2958254
  • 325202
  • 5124264
  • 389738
  • 843129
  • 8936019
  • 860159
  • 9028310
  • 768456
  • 283536
  • 899054
  • 985227
  • 355555
  • 466877
  • 584165

For the latest free, working active codes, please see our updated Blooket Join Code page.

How do I Play Blooket on my Own without a Code?

If you want to play Blooket on your own, you can do so by creating your own game. To do this, log in to your Blooket account on the Blooket website and click on “Create Game” on the dashboard. You can then choose from a range of game modes, such as “Tower Defense” or “Snake,” and customize the game with your own questions or by importing question sets from Quizlet. Once you’ve created the game, you can play it on your own or share the code with others to play along.

How do I Sign up for Blooket Account for Free?

To sign up for a Blooket account for free, go to the page and click on “Sign Up” in the upper right corner. You can sign up with your Google account or by email address, then choosing a Blooket Username and password. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to all of Blooket’s features.These features include the ability to create and customize games, track student progress, and more.

What is Blooket?

Blooket is an online platform that enables teachers to create and launch educational games for their students. These games are designed to be engaging and interactive, and are an effective way to help students learn new concepts and reinforce existing ones. Blooket is easy to use and allows teachers to create custom game sets or import question sets from a variety of sources, including the platform’s Discover database. Once a game is created, students can join by entering a code provided by the teacher, and compete against each other or practice on their own. Blooket offers a variety of game modes, including team-based games and timed challenges. This makes it easy for teachers to tailor the experience to their specific classroom needs.

What is a Blook?

A Blook is a game set in Blooket that consists of a series of questions and answers. Each Blook can be customized by the teacher, who can choose from a variety of question formats, including multiple choice, true/false, and open-ended questions. Teachers can also add images and videos to their Blooks to make them more engaging and interactive. Once a Blook is created, it can be shared with students by providing them with a unique code, which they can enter to access the game.

Is Blooket free?

Yes, Blooket is a free platform that can be used by anyone with an internet connection. The platform does offer a premium version, which includes additional features such as student progress tracking, advanced analytics, and priority support. The Premium version is not required to use the platform effectively. The free version of Blooket includes all of the basic features needed to create and launch educational games. And, so making it a great option for teachers who are looking for a fun and interactive way to engage their students in the learning process.

Blooket Join FAQ.

I have added answers to the most commonly asked questions, below.

What is Blooket?

Blooket is a gamified educational platform that allows teachers to create engaging and interactive review games for their students. It transforms traditional review sessions into fun and exciting learning experiences.

How does Blooket work?

Blooket utilizes a variety of popular game modes, such as Tower Defense, Battle Royale, and Racing, to make learning more engaging and effective. Teachers can create custom question sets or choose from a vast library of pre-made blooks (questions). Students can join these games using a join code provided by the teacher.

How do I join a Blooket game?

To join a Blooket game, follow these steps:

  1. Get a Blooket join code: The teacher will provide the join code to their students.
  2. Go to Open a web browser and navigate to the Blooket website.
  3. Enter the join code: In the “Join a Game” section, enter the join code provided by the teacher.
  4. Choose a Blook: Select the Blook (question set) you want to play.
  5. Enter your name: Provide your name or username for the game.
  6. Click “Join Game”: Once you’ve entered your name, click the “Join Game” button to start playing.

Is Blooket free?

Blooket offers a free version with limited features and a premium version with more advanced features and resources. Teachers can create and host games for free, while students can play without any fees.

What are Blooket join codes?

Blooket join codes are unique codes generated by the teacher to allow students to join specific games. They serve as a security measure to ensure that only students in the class can join the game.

What are some of the benefits of using Blooket?

Blooket offers several benefits for both teachers and students:

For Teachers:

  • Engaging review sessions: Blooket transforms traditional review sessions into fun and interactive learning experiences.
  • Variety of game modes: Choose from various popular game modes to cater to different learning styles and preferences.
  • Real-time feedback: Monitor student progress and provide real-time feedback during games.

For Students:

  • Gamified learning: Learn and review concepts in a fun and engaging way.
  • Variety of question formats: Answer questions in various formats, including multiple choice, true/false, and open-ended.
  • Competitive gameplay: Compete with classmates to enhance motivation and engagement.

What are some of the most popular Blooket game modes?

Blooket offers a wide range of game modes, including:

  • Tower Defense: Defend your towers while answering questions correctly.
  • Battle Royale: Be the last Blook standing by answering questions correctly.
  • Racing: Race your classmates to the finish line by answering questions correctly.
  • Cash Out: Earn cash by answering questions correctly and use it to purchase power-ups.
  • Gold Quest: Mine for gold while answering questions correctly.

Do I need to register and account at Blooket to play Blooket?

No, you do not need to register for an account to play Blooket. Students can join games without creating an account. However, teachers do need to create an account to create and host games.

Can I find Blooket Join codes on Youtube and other websites?

Yes, it is possible to find Blooket Join codes on YouTube and other websites. However, it is important to be cautious when using codes from sources outside of your school or class. Some codes may be invalid or lead to games that are not appropriate for all ages. It is always best to obtain codes from your teacher or from trusted sources.

Can I play Blooket at home?

Yes, you can play Blooket at home. Students can join games from any device with an internet connection. However, you will need a Blooket Join code from a teacher to join a specific game.

Can I play Blooket on my phone?

Yes, you can play Blooket on your phone. Blooket is compatible with smartphones and tablets. You can download the Blooket app from the App Store or Google Play.

How many Blooket questions sets are there?

There are currently over 10,000 Blooks (question sets) available on Blooket. The library of Blooks is constantly growing, with new Blooks being created by teachers and Blooket staff.

How do I get all Blooks in Blooket?

Collecting all the Blook (Avatars) in Blooket is not possible in the traditional sense of acquiring and storing items in an inventory. Blooks, as they are officially called, are continuously introduced by the developers, making it an ever-growing collection. There are ‘Hacks’ to get all available Blooks, though, see our Blooket Hacks page.

How many Blooks (Avatars) are there in Blooket?

Blooket does not provide an official count of the total number of Blook Characters. The number of Blook Characters is constantly growing as new characters are added by the developers. It is estimated that there are currently over 100 Blook Characters available.

What are the Most Rare Blooks?

Mysticals represent the pinnacle of rarity among blooks. These extraordinary characters are exclusively obtained through special events such as the Contest of Candy, Pokemon Are Cool Event, and Potions of Pix’ahlia. Their scarcity is highlighted by the fact that they can be sold for a substantial 1,000 tokens each. Notably, Mysticals stand out as the only type of blook that comes to life with animation, and among them, the Rainbow Astronaut is unique for its ability to change colors.

At present, Tim the Alien holds the title of the rarest mystical, with only two in existence, both awarded to the players who tied for first place in their respective events. Tim the Alien was the coveted prize in the Pokemon Are Cool (PAC) event.

Here are the rarest Mysticals and the events they are awarded for:

Spooky Ghost.

Blook: Spooky Ghost
Awarded for: 1st place in the Contest of Candy event. The Spooky Ghost, the rarest and most sought-after Blook, is exclusively awarded to the 1st place winner of the Halloween-themed Contest of Candy Event. With a mystical allure and a limited existence, only two individuals, winners from 2020 and 2021, currently possess this coveted Blook.

Tim the Alien.

Blook: Tim-The-Alien
Awarded for: 1st place in the Pokemon Are Cool (PAC) event
Special Note: Given to the two users who tied for first place in the event. Tim the Alien, a Mystical Rarity Blook, stands as an extraordinary reward for the top two-tied winners of the Pokémon Are Cool Game Event. Animated and distinct with a rotating cow blook, this unique Blook is a testament to the creativity of the game’s developers.

Phantom King.

Blook: ClearedPhantomKing
Awarded for: Top 2 Guilds in the Potions of Pix’halia (PoP) event

Rainbow Astronaut.

Blook: RainbowAstronaut
Awarded for: Top team in the LUNCH event. The Rainbow Astronaut, a Mystical Rarity Blook, adds a vibrant and dynamic touch to the collection. Awarded to the top club in the Legendary Universal Never-before-Seen Championships of Hockey (LUNCH) Event, this color-changing Astronaut was created by the game’s creators, Tom and Ben Stewart.

The rarity of these blooks adds an element of prestige to their possession, making them highly sought after by players striving for excellence in various Blooket events.

Mysticals are considered nearly unattainable in the game. Chroma and Legendary Rarity category blooks also present a considerable challenge to discover and collect.

Here are some other valuable and rare Blooks:

Lovely Frog/Lucky Frog.

Rarity: Chroma
Box/Event: Lovely Box/Lucky Box
Price for Selling: 350 tokens
Details: The Lovely Frog, available during Valentine’s Day, and the Lucky Frog, exclusive to St. Patrick’s Day, stand out as Chroma Rarity Blooks with distinct designs. The Lovely Frog, acquired through the Lovely Box, is particularly noteworthy as it may not reappear in future events.


Rarity: Legendary
Box/Event: Aquatic Box
Price for Selling: 250 tokens
Details: The Megalodon, a Legendary Blook with a mere 0.2% chance of obtaining, holds the title of the rarest among Legendary Blooks. Exclusive to the Aquatic Box and featured in the Fishing Frenzy game mode, the Megalodon can be sold for 250 tokens.

Tropical Globe.

Rarity: Chroma
Box/Event: Blizzard Box
Price for Selling: 300 tokens
Details: The Tropical Globe, with a minute 0.02% chance of acquisition from the Blizzard Box, stands as a testament to its extreme rarity. This Chroma Blook, distinguishable by a coconut tree within the globe, can be sold for 300 tokens.

Agent Owl.

Rarity: Chroma
Box/Event: Top 25 in Potions Of Pix’ahlia Event
Price for Selling: 300 tokens
Details: Agent Owl, a Chroma Rarity Blook, is an exclusive reward for those who reach the top 25 in the Potions Of Pix’ahlia Event. This unique Blook, featured in the Tower Defense game, represents the pinnacle of the Owl’s evolutionary path in the game.

Spooky Mummy.

Rarity: Chroma
Box/Event: Top 10 in Contest of Candy Event
Price for Selling: 300 tokens
Number in Existence: 15
Details: The Spooky Mummy, a Chroma Rarity Blook, is a rare prize bestowed upon the top players in the Contest of Candy Event. While not featured in any game modes, it holds a special place in the collection, resembling a Rare Mummy from the Halloween-themed Spooky Box.

Cyan Astronaut.

Rarity: Chroma
Box/Event: Top 10 in Pokémon Are Cool Event (PAC)
Price for Selling: 350 tokens
Number in Existence: 10
Details: The Cyan Astronaut, one of the rarest Astronaut Blooks, is granted to the top 10 finishers of the Pokémon Are Cool Game Event. This Chroma Rarity Blook, along with its counterpart Lime Astronaut, is a highly coveted reward for skilled participants.

Lime Astronaut.

Rarity: Chroma
Box/Event: Top 3 in Pokémon Are Cool Event (PAC)
Price for Selling: 350 tokens
Number in Existence: 3
Details: The Lime Astronaut, a challenging-to-obtain version of the Legendary Blook Astronaut, is exclusively rewarded to the top three winners in the Pokémon Are Cool Event. With a 0.05% chance of obtaining, this Blook holds a higher value, both in rarity and token price.

What are the different types of Rarity of Blooks?

  • Common: These are the most frequently encountered Blooks and are usually easily obtainable.
  • Uncommon: Blooks in this category are a bit rarer than common ones, adding a touch of uniqueness to your collection.
  • Rare: Rare Blooks are less common than uncommon ones and may require specific achievements or events to obtain.
  • Epic: This tier signifies a higher level of rarity. Epic Blooks are harder to come by and often require significant achievements or success in special events.
  • Legendary: Legendary Blooks are among the rarest, requiring exceptional accomplishments or participation in exclusive events to obtain.
  • Mystical: Mystical Blooks are typically the rarest and most coveted. They are often awarded through special events like the Contest of Candy,
  • Pokemon Are Cool Event, or Potions of Pix’ahlia.

Blooket Codes FAQ.

What is a Blooket code?

A Blooket code is a unique identifier that allows students to join a specific Blooket game. It is generated by the teacher and shared with the students who are intended to participate in the game.

How do I get a Blooket code?

To obtain a Blooket code, you will need to contact the teacher who created the game. They will provide you with the code that is specific to the game you want to join.

Can I reuse a Blooket code?

Typically, Blooket codes are one-time use and cannot be reused. Once a student has joined the game using the code, it will no longer be valid. However, some teachers may create codes that can be used multiple times.

What happens if I enter an invalid Blooket code?

If you enter an invalid Blooket code, you will receive an error message indicating that the code is incorrect. You will need to obtain the correct code from the teacher before you can join the game.

Can I share a Blooket code with others who are not in my class?

Sharing Blooket codes with individuals outside of your class is generally not recommended, as it may disrupt the game and prevent intended participants from joining. Teachers may establish specific guidelines regarding the sharing of codes.

Are there any security concerns with using Blooket codes?

Blooket codes are designed to be secure and prevent unauthorized access to games. However, it is important to treat codes confidentially and avoid sharing them with individuals outside of the intended group.

What if I lose my Blooket code?

If you lose your Blooket code, you can contact the teacher who created the game and request the code again. They should be able to provide you with the code so you can join the game.

Can I use a Blooket code to join a game that has already started?

In most cases, you cannot join a Blooket game that has already started. The game is designed to start with all participants present at the beginning. However, some teachers may allow latecomers to join a game that is in progress.

Are there any alternative ways to join a Blooket game without a code?

If you do not have a Blooket code, you may be able to join a game if the teacher has enabled the “Open Join” option. This feature allows students to join a game without a code, but the teacher may limit the number of participants who can join this way.


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